creating food experiences that raise awareness

Forchettadestra creates real food experiences, like workshops, green catering projects, and events. Our food experience projects bring people from all ages together and raise awareness about health, sustainability and waste.
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Workshops and events

Our workshops help our clients to connect with a wide audience, starting with kids. In a playful and educational way, we make children aware of the impact food has on the planet, people and personal health.

let’s cook a story

In 2014, Maddalena published Let’s Cook a Story, a coproduction with Nicola Dehmer. The book describes adventures of 5 funny characters, the Yummies, linked to the 5 basic tastes.  Let’s Cook a Story encourages kids to explore the world of REAL food and let them discover the joy and the unique taste of self prepared recipes.

In Let’s Cook a Story the Yummies embark on adventures to discover the secrets about the origin, the diversity and the benefits of real food. In a playful way, children get introduced to the ingredients that nature offers. The kids experiment with easy recipes that challenge them to try new tastes.

Let’s Cook a Story developed into a platform, aimed at educating a broad public about production, preparation and consumption of REAL food. The events, food labs and workshops conducted by Let’s Cook a Story focus on creating awareness that will help people from all ages to engage in a healthy lifestyle.


  • IL project'MindBody goodness plan'
    network event
  • AMCweek van de smaak
    information material I workshop
  • AMCwatch out waste
    food waste campaign
  • soil education for kidsbodemschatten
    soil education kit
  • EKZ hospitalsmaakLAB
    restaurant opening
  • diverseYummies workshops
    cooking stories with kids
  • soil education for kidshumusbox
    from ground & seeds to yummy recipes
  • Ddockenergy station
    mobile healthy food station
  • a tavolaaaa tavolaaa
    paper placemats
  • sheraton comothe best breakfast
    the magnificent 7
  • il cucchiaio di legno openingopening
    opening delicacy store
  • Como chamber of commerceswitch on creativity
    opening event ComOn
  • Claudia StraeterJantaminiau brunch
    introduction spring collection
  • privatethe red thread of destiny
    wedding event
  • Tessitura Clericiwhite dinner
    textile exhibition Proposte
  • Vumcwater bar
  • Marijke HelwegenFreeze the moment
    event introduction anti ageing creme
  • Borrel Fabriekthe showroom of taste
    mobile amuses trolley