connecting food and design to strengthen brand identities

Forchettadestra creates food identities for brands. With inspiring food concepts, we enable our clients to connect with their audience.

Services: consultancy I art direction I branding I packaging

product and branding

We translate brand values into food concepts and create inspiring food stories that enhance brand perception. Our product and branding services include

o consultancy

we help our clients to find the food identity of their brand. We translate brand values into food concepts that enrich brand perception.

o art direction

from creative catering concepts to mouth-watering ads, we make food look delicious.

o branding

we help brands to flourish using the power of food. We develop food concepts that grab the imagination of a broad audience.

o product packaging

we develop visual food identities that are tasteful, seductive, and effective.

  • Unilevercoolest burger
    POS material and social media
  • Unileverhappiness station
    swirl key visuals
  • UnileverHeart Brand ice-cream
    POS material
  • AMCwatch out waste
    food waste campaign
  • EKZ hospitalsmaakLAB
    restaurant concept & corporate identity
  • Unileverice-cream restyle
    ice-cream library restyling
  • soil education for kidsbodemschatten
    soil education kit
  • red edizioniLet's cook a story
    story telling cooking book
  • soil education for kidshumusbox
    from ground & seeds to yummy recipes
  • Unilevermenu
    ice-cream mono portions
  • Unileverrejuvenation
    ice cream tubs
  • Unilevertexture
    basis for desserts
  • Unileveroffrez du plezier
  • Unilevertoppings
    sauces for desserts
  • Unileverfull taste
    toppings campagne
  • Delta lloyddesign & food identity
  • grand hotel di comokk
  • il cucchiaio di legnoil cucchiaio di legno
    delicacies store identity
  • Unileverliquid desserts
    tetrapack for liquid dessert
  • Unileveropen . pour. heat up
    showcase liquid desserts
  • Unileversimply impress
    campagne best in class desserts